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DataServer FAQ

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Thank you for reading the LNI DataServer FAQ! This section is currently under development.

If you have a question about the site or have a question for the FAQ, please contact us at neurodatabase(AT)med.cornell.edu


User Accounts


What is Neurodatabase.org? What are the features of this website?

This website is a repository of downloadable neurophysiological data. As such, there are tools available to search for and retrieve particular datasets. This repository is also capable of accepting contributions from the community, via tools for uploading BrainML datasets.
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What can I do with a user account?

Having a user account allows one to upload a submission to the database. You do NOT need an account to search, view, or download any data.
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What can I do without a user account?

Without a user account, one can access the database's contents using either the browse feature or any of the query methods, and download data.
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How do I get a user account?

You can apply for a user account by completing the username and password fields on the left then selecting the 'Sign up' button. You will be shown a form to complete. In general, approved users are university faculty members who can provide a university email address.
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