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  Upload: Agreement on Use of Data

To submit to the database, please read and acknowledge the following conditions. Clicking on the link below indicates your assurance that you will comply with these rules.

  • Neurodatabase.org respects and acknowledges the rights of creators and submitters of sharable data. Each dataset and metadata description archived in this database remains the intellectual property of the individuals, laboratories, or organizations responsible for the recording, processing, annotation, and submission of the attributed data. Users of the database must acknowledge this condition and signify that their use of any data from this database will be compliant.
  • We also ask users of shared data to provide appropriate citation of such use, by referencing literature references accompanying sharable data, or by other explicit recognition that includes the names of creators and submitters of data.
  • Neurodatabase.org requires that any shared data obtained from experimental animals conform to recognized standards for animal care, including the Society for Neuroscience Policiesas well as standards provided by the U.S. PHS Policy on Humane Care and Use of Laboratory Animals which applies to National Institutes of Health funded research. For research conducted outside the U.S., all policies of the relevant national bodies should be observed as well.
  • We require as well that any shared data obtained from human subjects or patients conform to Society for Neuroscience Policies (scroll to bottom of link) for the use of humans in neuroscience research, as well as other recognized standards for human subject protection and privacy including but not limited to the Common Rule. In particular, all human subject data must be completely de-identified in accordance with privacy requirements of HIPAA part 164.514(b).

Submission of data to neurodatabase.org requires acknowledgement that approval of all co-authors or co-creators has been obtained to grant neurodatabase.org a nonexclusive license to archive and distribute the data and allied metadata, and that any use of experimental animals or human subjects in connection with the generation of these data is compliant with the above requirements.

I acknowledge and agree to these conditions.


Weill Medical College of Cornell University